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Pearls cove on route to the Lighthouse

Fortress Louisbourg Wine Tasting Dinners

Dates: July 19, August 23, September 6
Cost: $65/per person
Contact: Debbie Martell, Program Coordinator, Fortress Louisbourg Association
Phone: (902) 733-2280 ext. 3436

In the summer of 2008, Fortress Louisbourg historian Anne Marie Lane Joanah and sommelier Susan Lane, in cooperation with the Fortress’ Grandschamps Inn, will create a wine tasting and dining evening to commemorate the people and events of Louisbourg’s last days in the summer of 1758. Share a toast with General James Wolfe’s favourite wine and sample the gift of wine the governor’s wife sent to General Jeffrey Amherst. Throughout this evening’s unique selections of old world wines and cuisine, you will experience the culture of French Louisbourg and the British troops while offering a tribute to all who fought valiantly at Louisbourg 250 years ago.



Boardwalk at Main-a-Dieu